SpringMOSS Design

Welcome to SpringMOSS Design!

SpringMOSS books are exclusively available on Amazon and are sold worldwide.
Go on over to our How to Order section to see our Amazon country-specific store pages and see our range of books; there are currently over 100 titles to choose from, ranging from diaries, personal journals, walking logbooks, time management, food journals, blood pressure logbooks, composition notebooks, and many many more useful titles. Alternatively, check our blog for the latest releases.

SpringMOSS Design, I create simple and elegant custom-made small 3D planters and containers along with other items. I use PLA plastic that is plant-based and biodegradable. Made in Canada, each design is printed in-house and sent to you with care.

A little bit about SpringMOSS Design.
In 2020, this adventure begins. I have been a freelance photographer for almost 25 years, with 10 years in graphic design, print, press, and along with another 22 plus years in Apple IT. However, today I am beginning a new venture based on my passion for photography and design. I hope you enjoy your time looking around.